Coming Soon: Bride of Fire

Hades, Lord of the Underworld, rules the realm of darkness below the realm of light. But his kingdom has no queen and he burns for one who lives in the world above. Persephone is forbidden to him and out of his reach…until he uses an opening between worlds to seize her.

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New Release: Shifter's Passion

Primal instincts are at play in these hot tales of feral passion and forbidden animal instincts. Don’t miss these three complete novels that will ravage your senses!

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Coming Soon: Mad Stone

Award-winning author Charlene Teglia returns to the world of the Neuri, as three lovers race the clock to save the life of the one man who poses another complication to their love triangle.

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Republishing backlist, FAQs about series, and NaNo2016

Hello world! Since my last blog post, EC announced their closure and I did reclaim my backlist there and get my official reversion letter. My EC titles will officially revert at the end of 2016, to be re-released in 2017. This means I now have Samhain and EC titles to...

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Fun with Fitbit

I started using a Fitbit some time ago. I'm actually on Fitbit One #2 because Fitbit One the First fell off on a walk and was never seen again. It's a helpful tool, but it has some pros and cons like everything else. The first obvious con being "it can fall off and...

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Bride of Fire is coming soon and the state of things

Look! Bride of Fire has a new cover for re-issue! I'm not going to post a date because I truly don't know how long it will take to produce all versions and upload and go "live" at the various vendors. Once I've done that a couple of times I'll be better able to...

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