Two great thoughts for today

And if you find yourself blocked, stupefied, search out that place of joy in the story — make a place of joy in the story — and you will burn away the pain, the wall between you and the words. You will write, and you will go down into the abyss, and it will be good. – Marjorie Liu

The main thing I remember about those two years of writing for NAL was the almost feverish sense of joy I felt nearly all the time. I couldn’t believe I was getting to do the thing I loved. – Lisa Kleypas

Follow the links for more writerly inspiration! I’ll be here making a place of joy in the story…

6 thoughts on “Two great thoughts for today

  1. Wish I was finding the joy! I’m working feverishly on two books this month. I spend the AM on the Avon book, and PM on the EC story. I have page count goals I can’t let slide.

    Right now, it’s work, but sometimes, when a scene is really flying and coming fully-fleshed through my fingertips, I get that buzz. Guess I’m a muse-drug junkie. When I get that connection, I have to fly with it.


  2. Charli says:

    Delilah, I’m splitting my time, too, because one project is so freaking slow I’ll never hit my daily page goal otherwise. I simply can’t have so little to show for a day.

    it is wonderful when you get that rush! There’s nothing else like it. Well, runner’s high, but that comes with bloody toes and other unfortunate side effects. *g*


  3. Both these ladies are terrific inspirations. I’m forever amazed when I read Marjorie’s blog. So much insight. She has such an old soul.


  4. Charli says:

    They are inspiring! I agree, Jordan, Marjorie Liu is a beautiful writer and her blog is always thoughtful and thought-provoking.


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