Other People's Books, holiday shopping edition

It’s that time of year again, and for the compulsive reader on your shopping list, you can never, never, never go wrong with a book store gift card. No, really. It doesn’t matter that we have a stack of books on the bedside table, kitchen table, office and living room. We always need more.

Want to get more specific? If you or somebody you love loves romantic suspense, Shiloh Walker is putting out fantastic books right and left. The Ash trilogy offers a thrill a month, starting with If You Hear Her, and then in January she gives us spooky thrills with
The Departed
, which Santa brought me an early copy of. Perfect way to spend your holiday gift card!

The ever-luminous Marjorie Liu just released yet another astounding novel in the
Dirk & Steele series
. Perfect for the paranormal adventure lover who wants a happy ending along with dragons and pryokinetics.

Ilona Andrews, who just keeps getting better, has a new book out this month, too, in time for holiday gifting; Fate’s Edge is so fantastic the recipient will want the whole set and then everything else they can get their hands on.

Advance planning? I hear tell
has a new Darkyn novel coming soon to delight her readers. Nightborn doesn’t release until March, but since she’s also recently sold a steampunk novel and is enormously prolific, you’ll want to save room in 2012’s book budget. Also in March, watch for the latest from
Patricia Briggs
Alpha & Omega series.

Tired of holiday frenzy already and want some quick e-reading? Check out Fire & Ice by Portia Dacosta, now from Walk on the Wild Side Books, or the can’t-miss holiday anthology Holiday Kisses from Shannon Stacey, Jaci Burton, HelenKay Dimon and Alison Kent.

The best holiday present you can give me is to keep my favorite authors writing and publishing, so buy a book for yourself or somebody you love.

4 thoughts on “Other People's Books, holiday shopping edition

  1. Charli says:

    Thanks! I have new books coming, too, and lots of backlist. *g* But I like to give a mention to other people’s books that I enjoy.


  2. StarDoc says:

    Thank you for the kind mention, ma’am. I slipped out of the house today with Mom to make a pilgrimage to our brick and mortar B&N, and got Marjorie & Shiloh’s latest. Larissa Ione also has a new release that just landed on the shelves that I grabbed. Then I decided to cruise the holiday reads and just pick up books at random, and tempted fate by adding to the pile a romance with a dog on the cover. B&N is offering these wonderfully sturdy holiday-themed canvas totes for $9.95 if you buy two items from the store, and I nabbed the blue and white one with snowflakes for an upcoming giveaway.

    The big surprise of the trip was when I walked past the Nook kiosk three times and was not attacked by the sales guy. But I think he recognizes me now…..


  3. Charli says:

    I forgot to mention Larissa’s latest! Which I do not have yet so I need more bookstore shopping. Nice excuse that gives me. : ) Hope the dog on the cover delivers a great read. Nook sales guy should be telling R&D they need to add handicapped accessibility features. And you’re welcome, so thrilled Lords of the Darkyn is coming soon. I was so not done with that series when it ended.


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