Unplugged and coming soon

We took an unplugged weekend to hike trails from the Hoh to Kalaloch and my brain is still wallowing. It struck me around Sunday that I was simply not fighting a trickle of negatives. No bad news. Nothing that triggered writing or publishing angst (which can come from good or bad news). Between that and my lungs taking in the clean coastal and rain forest air to wash away the lingering bronchitis I was recovering from, I feel like a new person. Or reacquainted with my old self. Unplugging is good for the soul and the creative psyche.

And on returning home I discovered an email waiting for me saying that a new print collection of never-before-in-print titles from me is in the works for this spring and would I please send some title suggestions. So huzzah. I did send a bunch of suggestions and will announce more when I have a firm title and date. The collection will include a short novel, a novella and a novelette which makes it about the length of two Harlequin Presents or one single title in length.

This is still not the new novel I know people are waiting for, but I have high hopes that I can get stuff out the door soon. And meanwhile, having 3 print releases in the span of 9 months is not bad. I also have multiple ebook shorts to get on sale for Kindle, Nook and other ebook readers. Cover art and formatting is underway. But really, I’m looking forward to finishing the novels in progress that it is time and past to be DONE with.

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