Earth Girls Aren’t Easy

“Earth girls aren’t easy,” the hunky stranger from another planet tells Angie when she puts the brakes on their erotic encounter. But what else can she do when she finds out just how far out of town he’s from?

Danek had two reasons to visit planet Earth. One was straightforward—deliver a package for the woman his lord commander had whisked away without stopping to ask if she had any unfinished business to wrap up first. The other was more complicated, continuing his search for his bondmate among the women of that world.

The package errand led him to Angela Robbins, where Danek discovers two things. First, that he’s found his bondmate, the woman whose psychic wavelength matches his and who has the latent psychic ability to receive his telepathic thoughts. And second, that convincing her of this will take all his considerable seductive skill along with new heights of ingenuity. He might be alien, but Danek’s all male and determined to win his woman with pleasure that’s out of this world!

  • Just Erotic Romance Reviews, Anya Khan rates Earth Girls Aren’t Easy 5 Stars and a big O!
  • Romance Junkies 5 Blue Ribbon Award

EARTH GIRLS AREN’T EASY is a fun, sexy romp that will leave you hot and bothered so be sure to have a significant other nearby. Having enjoyed many of Charlene Teglia’s stories in the past I knew I’d be in for a great story when I chose to read this one but I hadn’t anticipated the out of this world reaction I had to Danek’s mind seduction. There’s something undeniably hot about how he goes about convincing Angela that she is the woman for him. Angela I liked right from the start – she’s witty, fun and unflappable and isn’t afraid to give as good as she gets. Wonderfully done Ms. Teglia! I’ll definitely be watching for more of your upcoming books!

– Romance Junkies

Earth Girls Aren’t Easy is a story about finding your perfect mate… and what happens afterward! Charlene Teglia creates a delicious story with a chance encounter, hot erotic scenes, and a deep emotional connection! The heroine is smart and sassy, and had me laughing even in the steamy scenes. And Danek, well- let’s just say he is every woman’s fantasy personified! Teglia does a phenomenal job creating a bond between Angela and Danek that feels genuinely deep and completely believable. This book will have you running out to buy Seasons of Seduction III so you can read the connecting story! Trust me; you will definitely want more of Teglia’s sexy, hunky aliens! In my opinion, Earth Girls Aren’t Easy is an out- of-this-world hit!

– Paranormal Romance

Ms Teglia’s trademark humor and heat is evidenced yet again in this wonderful little story. It is bound to make one laugh and dream of handsome uninhibited heroes and the possibilities of here and beyond.

– Love Romances

A long time fan of Ms. Teglia’s, I am a bit giddy every time one of her books is released because I know I’m in for a wild ride. Earth Girls Aren’t Easy is another book bound for my keeper shelf.

– Fallen Angel Reviews

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“I enjoy kissing you.” Danek touched her mouth with one fingertip. “I also enjoy this stairwell. But I think we would both enjoy more privacy and comfort next.”

Angie nodded. The floor was as hard as the wall, and the stairs didn’t exactly make an accommodating surface, either. “Good point. I can walk in a minute.”

“I will carry you.”

“I live on the fourth floor,” she reminded him, but Danek had already swung her off her feet and cradled her against his chest.

“I am strong enough,” he assured her. And he proved it, taking the stairs at a clip that Angie wasn’t sure she could maintain when she wasn’t carrying anything. When he set her down, he wasn’t even breathing hard.

“You must have a resting heart rate of twelve. What are you, an alien?” Angie asked.

“Yes.” Danek smiled at her and plucked the keys from her nerveless hand before unlocking her apartment door and pushing her inside. Angie let her purse slide off her shoulder and fall to the floor with a thud. “Do you wish to be taken on your bed next, or do you have another preference?”

“Forget preference,” she said. “Back up to the alien part.”

“I am an alien,” Danek repeated.

“Illegal alien,” Angie said, trying to make sense of his statement.

“I am not here with permission of your government, no,” Danek admitted. “Tell me where you wish to be taken, or I will have you against this door.”

That was a turn-on. Taken. Against the door. She imagined Danek doing that, with no further preliminaries. He’d just yank her pants down, back her against the hard surface, open his pants and thrust into her, making her come while her spine bowed and she screamed her pleasure.

“The door,” Danek said. He didn’t do exactly what she’d imagined. He pulled her shirt over her head first, stripped away her bra, and made a low growling sound at the sight of her naked breasts. Then he got her out of her pants with record speed, opened his, and she had a mouth-watering glimpse of his cock jutting toward her, fully engorged and wider than she’d expected.

He used his knee to push her thighs apart and lifted her off the ground, then stood between her open legs. His body braced her in front, the door supported her behind, and his hands cupped her bare ass while the head of his cock probed at her slick opening.

Angie wrapped her legs around his waist, and then realized they were forgetting something.

“Protection,” she reminded him.

“I will protect you from anything,” Danek promised in a deep voice that sounded utterly sincere as he began thrusting forward.

She squirmed up and away. “No, I mean we need a condom. Prophylactic. Rubber. What do you call them in your country?”

“Condom?” Danek stared at her. “You wish me to encase my cock in a wrapper first? You do not wish to feel my skin sliding inside yours, our body fluids mingling, my seed spurting deep inside you?”

“When you put it that way.” She groaned and bit her lip. “Okay, I know they’re not sexy and riding bareback would be more fun, but I have to be smart, here. It’s bad enough that I’m fucking a stranger, how bad would it be if I let you give me a disease or if you got me pregnant?”

“I would be honored if you had my child.” Danek smiled at her when he said it. Actually smiled.

That did it. No normal human man smiled at the thought of getting a strange woman pregnant from a chance sexual encounter.

Micki’s disappearance, Larry’s babbled explanations about alien abduction, a man who made her hear voices and have spontaneous orgasms, and the title of that book Micki had written rushed to the forefront of her mind.

“You really are an alien,” Angie said. Fuck me, she added mentally. She didn’t say it out loud so it wouldn’t be taken for an invitation. No chance of that happening now, Danek might have tentacles or something. Or he might get her pregnant with something that would make Rosemary’s Baby look normal.

And she’d been so close to what had promised to be the best sex of her life. She could almost cry from disappointment.