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Hoh Rain Forest
Hiking in the Hoh Rain Forest – Photo by Patrick Teglia

Happy Halloween!

What an exciting day. I finished off A Wolf In Cheap Clothing, had the resident gun expert verify the action sequence for realism and accuracy, and sent it away last night. For those counting, that would be #7. I’m now waiting for editorial feedback. AAaoooo! As soon as I hear back on that, I’ll be doing an ARC giveaway to celebrate.

Catalyst has an official Cerridwen Press release date: 12/21/05. Look for the print version about 6 months out from there, June 06. (Not confirmed, that’s just if things follow the expected course.) And as a side note, royalties are going to Habitat for Humanity (earmarked for Katrina reconstruction) and, the organization devoted to rebuilding the homes and businesses. Very crucial to lasting recovery in that region.

And Samhain Publishing’s site goes live tonight. *quivering with excitement*

I wanted to post an excerpt from Wolf to celebrate being done, but the one I want to put up has adult situations and language, so, um, better not. I’ll hold off on that until it can go into its own window with the “you must be over 18 yada yada” warning. BUT I’ll post my werewolf poem here for your reading pleasure. Happy Halloween!

Wilding by Charlene Teglia, copyright 2002

Tonight I’m restless
I’m unsettled and unready
And unable to be anything but restless tonight

Tonight I’m reckless
I’m unfettered and untamed
And unable to be anything but reckless tonight

I’m going prowling
I’m going howling
There’s a wolf-moon out calling
For a midnight wilding

Tonight I’m hungry
I’m uncaged and unquiet
I’m going hunting, swift and hungry, tonight

The mother of reinvention

So my site’s all updated, and suddenly I look at it and think it doesn’t reflect who I am. The idea hits me that where I live very much reflects who I am and the kind of story I write. So I babble a bunch of ideas at my husband about what I’d like the site to represent, which means totally changing the current look and feel, the colors, the works. But I really like the concept and so does he and he finds it a design challenge, so something completely different is now in the drawing stage. Just call me the Short Attention Span website owner.

In other news, I’m over my foot-dragging on Wolf. I’ve been dragging my feet, I finally had to admit, for a reason I didn’t want to face up to. I faced up to it this morning and dealt with it and now I am going to nail this beast and send it away. That topic is a whole ‘nuther blog entry, but I’m happy to be moving forward.