Today my baby is 4

Okay, the “baby” baby is going to turn 2 next month, but the first-born is 4. Hard to believe she’s so grown up already. And doing things like building herself a website. (Her dad helped.) She built a “snowman” a few weeks ago with tupperware, and then informed me that it was an abominable snowman. Who says “Namaste”.

Her teachers are not going to know what to do with her. Half the time we don’t know what to do with her, but we’re trying to give her the tools to let her develop her imagination and give her room to grow.

Happy Memorial day, auction reminder

Happy Memorial day. Remember your vets, those still with us and those with us only in the lasting impact of their actions.

We saw a golden eagle in addition to the family of bald eagles on our morning walk, impressive symbols of freedom all. (Since we live by a river very rich in salmon, our fishing avian friends are easy to spot perching above the water.) Hoping Mr. Golden is also nesting nearby so we can look forward to more sightings.

Brenda Novak’s Juvenile Diabetes auction is still underway. You can still bid on signed print copies of The Gripping Beast and the Beginnings Anthology from yours truly, plus many more items for readers and writers alike.