Five Blue Ribbons, upcoming releases, and riding the editing-go-round

Romance Junkies has awarded Earth Girls Aren’t Easy Five Blue Ribbons!

Five Blue Ribbon Award

From reviewer Chrissy Dionne: “EARTH GIRLS AREN’T EASY is a fun, sexy romp that will leave you hot and bothered so be sure to have a significant other nearby. Having enjoyed many of Charlene Teglia’s stories in the past I knew I’d be in for a great story when I chose to read this one but I hadn’t anticipated the out of this world reaction I had to Danek’s mind seduction. There’s something undeniably hot about how he goes about convincing Angela that she is the woman for him. Angela I liked right from the start – she’s witty, fun and unflappable and isn’t afraid to give as good as she gets. Wonderfully done Ms. Teglia! I’ll definitely be watching for more of your upcoming books!” ^_^:mrgreen::lol:

Got the upcoming print release information from Ellora’s Cave, and Yule Be Mine is scheduled for print Dec. 2007. I’ve updated “coming soon” and Yule’s book page accordingly. Feral Fixation, the anthology that contains Wolf In Shining Armor, will be in print this fall as will Ellora’s Cavemen Seasons of Seduction III, so these titles will be appearing in bookstores through Sept., Oct. and the holiday season!

And yes, for those who’ve been asking about Keelan and Micki’s story since the release of Earth Girls, I Was An Alien’s Love Slave in Seasons of Seduction III is the other story. You didn’t miss it, it’s just not out until Sept. 23.

I finished revising Miss Lonely Hearts yesterday, but before I could send it back to my editor, Fed Ex arrived. Uh-huh. Copyedits. So I worked on those into the night and am nearly finished riding the editing-go-round. Satisfaction Guaranteed will be heading back to NY, and I will be heading back to this guy.


Doesn’t he make a good model for a scary badass Nephilim hero? I think so.

It’s Labor Day weekend…got books?

Anybody got big reading plans for the long weekend? I’m going to be holing up and writing, myself, but I plan to take reading breaks. Kate Hoffman’s new Blaze is calling to me (Doing Ireland! With a name like that, how can you not buy it?). And so is Ilona Andrews’ Magic Bites, which I bought but have not yet read. My TBR shelf is a thing of beauty and I’m going to begin working my way through that sucker.

I’m finishing off the edits on Miss Lonely Hearts, which weren’t really huge, but some of them required thought and some backtracking and rereading to see how to make the changes smooth. I’m almost there, and it’ll be winging back to my not-so-evil editor so that she’ll have something to read this weekend. 😎

And then it’s back to demons and druids and Nephilim, oh my (Wicked Hot). It’s funny but a few years ago I made a crack to my writer’s group about how I’d never get to write angels the way I see them, big scary dudes with swords who lop off heads, and now here I am writing about supernatural battles and angels with big swords…which just goes to show that you should never say never.

13 reasons aliens make better lovers

1. As aliens, they have no idea what the human norm is. Possibly they think cellulite is a mark of beauty.
2. Aliens have inhuman stamina.
3. Telepathic aliens know EXACTLY what women want.
4. If they run out of good pickup lines, an abduction is always an option, and it beats talking about the weather for an icebreaker.
5. Aliens have cool spaceships and high-tech gadgets. (I am lusting after the writing setup Keelan gives Micki in I Was An Alien’s Love Slave, which you can read about Sept. 21.)
6. Tired of the same-old variations? Zero-G sex.
7. They boldly go where no man has gone before…
8. They do not leave their alien socks on the floor for the women to pick up and wash. See high tech gadgets.
9. Ditto leaving the seat up.
10. Aliens can master languages that have nothing in common with their own, and establish diplomatic relationships with races that have evolved along entirely different paths. Coexistence with a woman is a piece of cake.
11. Want to see the galaxy and explore strange new worlds? Aliens get directions and do not get lost.
12. Tired of cooking? Replicators do the dirty work.
13. Since nobody has to cook or do the dishes, there’s plenty of time for other things after an alien day at work…

Aliens are among us!

The alien invasion has begun…Earth Girls Aren’t Easy is on sale today!

Earth Girls

“Earth girls aren’t easy,” the hunky stranger from another planet tells Angie when she puts the brakes on their erotic encounter. But what else can she do when she finds out just how far out of town he’s from?

Danek had two reasons to visit planet Earth. One was straightforward—deliver a package for the woman his lord commander had whisked away without stopping to ask if she had any unfinished business to wrap up first. The other was more complicated, continuing his search for his bondmate among the women of that world.

The package errand led him to Angela Robbins, where Danek discovers two things. First, that he’s found his bondmate, the woman whose psychic wavelength matches his and who has the latent psychic ability to receive his telepathic thoughts. And second, that convincing her of this will take all his considerable seductive skill along with new heights of ingenuity. He might be alien, but Danek’s all male and determined to win his woman with pleasure that’s out of this world!

Not entirely work-safe excerpt after the jump…

Copyright CHARLENE TEGLIA, 2007.
All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave, Inc.

Angela Robbins made another double skinny decaf latte and nearly bit a hole in her tongue to keep from asking what was the point? Skim milk instead of rich cream? Decaf instead of a caffeine kick to get the blood pumping? And to add insult to injury, the woman had asked for vanilla flavoring. Vanilla. The un-flavor. The sugar-free version, too, so even the sweetness was fake.

But she was a professional, so she kept her opinions to herself, smiled, handed over the paper cup full of denial and thought, So help me God, I will never order a fake drink.

Nothing but the real thing, all the way. In fact, she could really go for a caramel macchiato right now. Rich, smooth, hot, the flavors of cream and dark roasted beans and sweet caramel melting on her tongue… She nearly moaned out loud at the very thought.

She closed her eyes just for a minute, really enjoying her mini-fantasy break now that Fake Coffee Customer was gone, taking her fake boobs and fake hair with her. She imagined savoring the heat and sweetness and opened her eyes to find herself staring at a chest.

A large male chest. With some serious muscles. The chest, six-pack abs and droolworthy biceps that sported intricate tattoos were displayed more than covered by a leather vest.

Angie gave an internal sigh even as she admired the sight. She knew what a physique like that meant. Weightlifter. Body Nazi. The type who wouldn’t defile the purity of his temple with caffeine, sugar or cream.

Another fake drink coming up. She wanted to scowl and forced herself to smile as she raised her eyes to meet his. It seemed like they had to travel a long ways to get there and the terrain was so nice to look at that she didn’t hurry, and by the time her brown eyes made contact with deep blue, the smile had turned genuine.

“What is car-a-mel macchiato?” Bodybuilder Man asked the question in a deep voice that slid over her skin like a caress and Angie fought the urge to respond with something completely unprofessional and inappropriate.

“An espresso drink,” she managed to say instead. “My favorite. Highly recommend it. It’s probably against your workout plan, though.”

He frowned at her, looking tall, blond and puzzled but undeniably gorgeous. And built. Then the frown smoothed away and he smiled. “Ah. You think I am too disciplined for pleasure.” He leaned a little closer and said in a low voice, “It is my discipline that will ensure your pleasure.”

Angie blinked and shook her head to clear it. Because no way had she just heard right. “Excuse me?”

“I do not think I will.” His smile widened and then Angie had to grab onto the counter because out of nowhere pleasure shot through her, centered around the sensitive flesh between her legs, and burst into a supernova of an orgasm, taking her from a mild buzz of interest to shooting over the edge of fulfillment in about half a second.

She clung to the counter, staring stupidly at the customer who wanted something from her, something that came in a cup with a sleeve so he wouldn’t burn his fingers, and she’d think of whatever it was in just a minute. Any minute now. Right after she got a hold of herself and figured out why she was having hallucinatory orgasms at work.

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