Women who run with wolves

So I’m getting to write werewolves again, and I love it. Werewolf heroines can get away with things a “normal” heroine couldn’t. Like, you know, leaving dead bodies behind them.

Wolf In Cheap Clothing gave me a taste of the fun of writing women who run with wolves, and it’s the closest thing I’ve done to a perfect story. Ever since I’ve wanted to do a full-length single title werewolf tale, but due to various obligations it didn’t work out. I did write Wolf In Shining Armor in the meantime, and I’m thrilled that these novellas are releasing in print through Pocket over the next year. But now I finally get to do the full-length adventure I wanted to do two years ago (yes, it’s been that long), and there will be another dead body along with the wisecracks and flaming hot sex, mwahaha.

Winner and desperately seeking title

Danette is the winner of Netherwood! Congrats, Danette!

I am desperately seeking the perfect title for Animal Attraction. My favorite so far is also my editor’s favorite, so fingers crossed there. But I’m continuing to look for good ideas. Titles, they are tough.

Off to find the thesaurus again…

Welcome guest blogger Michele Lang!

I’m guest blogging over at fellow Wicked Writer Shelley Bradley’s blog! You can catch me there, giving away a copy of Satisfaction Guaranteed. Here’s Michele Lang, Shomi debut author! Comment to win a copy of Netherwood.

Electric Dreams

When I was a little girl, I used to get myself to sleep every night by
disappearing into another world. Robin Hood waited for me at the edge of a
dark, tangled forest, and I became one of his merry band every night, as the
mundane world drifted away.

I’ve been cruising around the blogosphere celebrating the release of
NETHERWOOD, and it’s breathtaking to connect with published authors,
writers, and readers in a single cyberforum. Together, we’ve explored the
inner world. All of us have dreams, fears, and fantasies.a world of desires
that lives inside our minds.

One thing a lot of writers seem to have in common is their propensity to
disappear into that world, a tendency to slip away into another universe. I
know I’ve lived on multiple levels of reality since I can remember – an
alternate world, like the one hidden in CS Lewis’s wardrobe, filled with
angels, lovers, and monsters.

Sometimes those creatures of the mind seem more real than daily life, with
its dirty dishes, pinkeye, and taxes. And their country beckons to me in
the morning now, when I peel myself out of bed at 6 a.m., already feeling
guilty for sleeping in that late…

NETHERWOOD features an inner world generated by technology, a place where an
entire civilization explores its fantasies together. Talia, the
protagonist, disappears into a dark forest of the mind — at first to hide
from her surface life, but ultimately she ventures into the Netherwood to
save her world and the people she loves.

I didn’t realize how much the Netherwood resembled the territory of my own
dreams until these blog discussions, held in a cyberworld we all visit,
pointed it out to me. Life follows art!

Thanks so much Charli for inviting me over to your place! šŸ™‚

Thank you, Michele, for joining us, and congrats on your debut novel! Feel free to ask Michele about her book, and a name will be drawn from today’s comments to receive a copy of Netherwood!

What Iā€™m reading: Netherwood

Netherwood, Shomi title by fellow Write On Michele Lang, is out today! I have an early copy, which I haven’t finished reading yet due to general moving insanity and plumbing issues, but it starts off with a bang. If you are loving Shomi, don’t miss this one. If you haven’t tried one yet, what are you waiting for? The mix of action, adventure, science fiction and romance is a winning combination.

Edited to add: Michele will stop by tomorrow to talk about Netherwood, and will give away a copy!

Poetry Monday for werewolves

My head is stuffed full of Animal Attraction, or whatever the final title ends up as. So, a limerick plot summary for poetry Monday!

A girl who grew up adopted
Finds out her life is co-opted
By shapeshifters furry
and love’s savage fury
Plus a shapeshifter battle (she stopped it).