So we now have a five-year-old in the house. She wanted a luau, so we put on leis and ate pineapple. Here she is with grandma, making a birthday wish and blowing out the candle.

5 year cake and candle

12 second sequence

So the husband got the workout DVDs, balls, and dumbbells for us and we finally have the time and focus to get started on the 12 second sequence program. 20 minutes, twice a week. Trust me, it’s enough. Ow. The only thing that hurts more is kickboxing.

The equipment entertains kids for hours, though.

kids having a ball

St. Martin’s #5

Is underway. It’s so much fun it can’t be legal. I’d share title and blurb but I’m not sure I can yet, so I’ll just cackle gleefully and dance around. I will say when I described it to my mom, she said, “You read too many comic books.” Heh.

I’m wildly excited about this and subsequent books I have in the works. I’m also starting to get pretty excited about Wicked Hot and Naughty Nights releasing this summer. Wicked Hot’s trailer should be ready to share with the world soon.

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes over here. I’m also thinking of how to revamp the website, because the booklist is getting too big and needs better organization. The husband wants to put me on Drupal for technical reasons and that’ll mean a good time to do some design and organizational improvements.