Choose your own adventure

I’m tired of all the news right now, because it just seems like a bombardment of bad. I get that there are problems. I get that it hits all industries and all walks of life. But I don’t think focusing on the problems helps anybody.

I think it’s much more productive to ask, “What do I want to do next? Where do I want to go?” And make some plans. Take some action.

Change can be very stressful, but there are two sides to change; danger and opportunity. We’re being bombarded with dire warnings about all the dangers. Opportunity still exists, though. We took the economic downturn as an opportunity to live more sustainably. This summer, there’ll be a big garden and chickens in my life.

I have no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow, but I know how I want to spend today. I want to love my family, write some words that make me happy, and eat some pastry. What about you?

Public Service Announcement

From time to time, I google my titles with author name to see if new reviews have popped up. I did this last night and found "free downloads" of my upcoming March release Animal Attraction. These are NOT real copies of the book and are in fact malicious sites.

If you should see something like that, don’t download even to verify whether or not the file is really there. Clicking on "download" can infect your computer. Even visiting malicious sites can in many cases infect your computer.

For safety, the tech guru husband investigated these downloads on Linux to determine whether or not a real file of the book had been linked, and it hasn’t. This is a ploy to lure victims, plain and simple. Please don’t be one.

This has been a public service announcement. The real book will release in March and there will be plenty of opportunities to win a free copy for the economically challenged without risk of computer infection. Wink

The joy of juggling

Working on 2 novellas side by side, which is very fun. When I first started writing, I found I’d hit a wall after a certain number of pages on one project, but if I switched to another, I could do the same number. Then at some point I found myself working only on one project at a time, and I really don’t think it’s the best way for me to work. I did it because whatever was due first was the priority and it seemed logical, but the creative process isn’t straight-forward. So I’m trying out switching again. So far, so fun. Both novellas are progressing nicely.

If this is the only thing I get done today, will I be satisfied?

That’s a question from The 4-Hour Work Week. It’s a good question. It’s easy to put the important things at the end of a list, after knocking out a bunch of little things. What one thing will you be satisfied to have done today if you do nothing else?

 For me, it’s writing. I also have to take care of small people and herd them through education, but if I don’t get this story further along, I won’t be satisfied.