work in progress

I’m getting data shoveled into the new site, finally. Behold the carousel of book covers! The new “books” tab at the top goes to all the books I have entered. I’m not done, but I’ve made progress. Hope to get the rest in over the weekend. Meanwhile, the “book list” tab will take you to a complete list of works including ISBNs.

Once I have all the book data, including covers and excerpts, ported over, I plan to put together an excerpt booklet that can be downloaded or printed. And the husband has tweaking the site for reading on phones on the “to do” list.

Aside from website work, there’s a lot of writing work in progress. I’m working on getting the next two Shadow Guardians to the synopsis and chapters stage. Same for a YA urban fantasy project I’ve had on the back burner for a couple of years. And there are novellas to finish off.

Which means I should get back to work.