Happy leap day and book stuff

Today is leap day! Time to do things you’ve been saving up for the last four years. Such as, go buy new books! Since it’s releasing early I’m posting my review of Nightborn here:

From my Goodreads, “Go pre-order this now. Yes, you, right now. This is vampire romance on steroids riding a Harley, with all the badassery and twice the heart. Fans of the Darkyn will love the reunion with old friends and those new to the series will appreciate the author’s deft breadcrumbing to orient readers to who’s who without slowing down the high-adrenaline plot. Simone and Korvel remain at the center of the story throughout but the supporting cast and secondary storylines make this novel bigger, faster, stronger. Did I mention the steroids? Go! Buy!”

See, I could post an early review because I got an ARC. But now people can buy it early. Or wait until next week when you can also buy the new Patricia Briggs book, AND the first book in a new series that also started shipping early and I would hate to see die as a result: Discount Armageddon.

It’s up to you.

But happy leap day and as for me, next week is book shopping GOLD. In the meantime, if you haven’t been reading Shiloh Walker’s cliff-hanging ASH trilogy, the third book came out yesterday. Reading all 3 will keep you busy until March 6. And sleepless.

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