Hot cowboys, hot off the presses!

Guess what is shipping early? Cowboy Lust, containing my ROPED. You can get yours now and have a little Christmas Cowboy in July.

Snippet from ROPED

copyright 2012 Charlene Teglia

All rights reserved

“Whoa, cowboy.” Regan started to roll away, but he caught her in a firm grip and started winding rope around her wrists with a speed that proved he deserved all his calf-roping wins. “Bondage? Really? What happened to hello?”

“Hello, Regan.” Jonas continued his work without pausing, making knots and securing the rope to the headboard. “This is my way of making sure you don’t run off before I’m finished with you.”

“I didn’t run off the last time,” Regan said, exasperated. “You’re a heavy sleeper.”

“Not that heavy.” Jonas took her shoes and after a quick glance around the room, opened the window and threw them outside into a snow bank.


“Can’t run off in the snow barefoot,” Jonas said, crossing muscular arms over his broad chest as he stared down at her.

“Those weren’t mine,” Regan moaned. “They were Nancy’s. They didn’t come from Payless.”

“Nancy? That friend of yours who went off to become a supermodel before marrying the cowboy next door?”


“She won’t miss them,” Jonas stated, the problem of the shoes moved off the table.

That was probably true. Regan switched to a topic that might actually get her somewhere. “What are you doing here, Jonas?”

“It’s my ranch.” He didn’t miss the surprise in her eyes. “Nancy didn’t tell you?”

“No.” Regan had assumed he’d left forever when he’d gone away and onto achieve whatever the town bad boy was destined for. The vague vision made her realize she hadn’t thought much about an adult Jonas; he’d stayed eighteen in her brain, the dangerous boy all the girls wanted, an impossible dream for a bookish, flat-chested girl.

Her impossible dream continued to stare down at her, but Regan was used to courtroom tactics and refused to let it intimidate her. She attempted to settle into a comfortable position, difficult with her wrists bound together and the length of rope allowing her minimal room to maneuver. “Okay. You wanted to talk. Talk.”