10 reasons to buy Lynn Viehl’s 50th book

The day I’ve been waiting for is here! Her Ladyship’s Curse downloaded in the night (yay pre-order, yay internet book delivery miracle) and I’m ripping myself away from it to help celebrate the release of Lynn Viehl’s 50th book with 10 reasons you should go buy it right now.

1. She maintains a terrific blog full of useful information for writers and creative people who need to keep the well refilled in order to keep working.

2. In addition to all that free nonfiction, she regularly gives away free stories to thank her readers. Here’s one to accompany Her Ladyship’s Curse.

3. She’s the sort of generous author who is always helping others and wouldn’t you like to keep her generosity funded by buying her newest book?

4. She’s one of those authors you can always rely on for a well-structured, well-written, fully-realized story that will entertain from the first word to the last, whether she’s writing inspirational fiction, science fiction, romance or YA under her many pen names.

5. She’s funny.

6. Steampunk!

7. In addition to the clockworks, magic and mystery are afoot.

8. Alternate history where the US is still ruled by England.

9. The hardbitten private investigator drinks tea.

10. There’s a mad genius in the basement.

Really, do you need more reasons? Go forth and read!