bride-of-fire-225-newLook! Bride of Fire has a new cover for re-issue! I’m not going to post a date because I truly don’t know how long it will take to produce all versions and upload and go “live” at the various vendors. Once I’ve done that a couple of times I’ll be better able to predict the “on sale” dates for re-issues.

The state of things: I am working my way through re-issuing the 5 novellas/novelettes I hold rights to already. Yes, it’s taken forever. This is because doing a thing right requires a lot of setup and I’ve had limited resources to direct at this project. (Time and energy are resources.) But with the tools and workflow now in place to do this, it will go smoothly.

Once I’ve got those re-issued, I intend to pull Men of Action and reissue those stories singly with new covers, and then put all seven shorter works together in one anthology in both print and ebook. This way readers who are new to the stories can get them in one convenient (and less expensive) package, and those who are looking to fill out a collection or just want to read a one-off can buy individually.

Meanwhile, I am working on new things and finishing old things. Because more books!

And I’m still poking at the website with much help and support from my fabulous husband who built this and every other incarnation of the site. Some books and comments from prior site aren’t live here yet and this is because I’ve had this site in one form or another for almost 12 years and published, um, many books. 12 years of data is a LOT to deal with. Eventually everything will be visible here, minus things like dead links.