Flour power

I’ve been baking for, um, let’s say a long time and leave it at that, shall we? And in all this time, I have never found a particular brand of flour that I raved about. Until I tried out Wheat Montana Bronze Chief and vowed to never, ever buy inferior flour again. (Sorry, King Arthur whole wheat. You are servicable but you never sent me to carb heaven.)

Why I love this flour; first of all, it comes in big bags. I don’t know why most stores don’t carry whole wheat flour in anything bigger than a five pound bag, but if you bake for a family, you go through that fast and it’s inconvenient.  This comes in 10 and 50 lb bags along with the typical 5 lb size. 

Second, the texture. It’s fine and dense and you can see and feel the difference in the grinding process. Anything I bake with this flour is lighter than you would believe a whole wheat flour could produce. Fluffy waffles and muffins, perfect cookies, great pizza crust. This flour performs.

Third, the flavor is wonderful. Chemical free, GMO free, and you can taste the difference.

So if you’re looking for a whole-grain, organic flour you can rave about, give this a try. But be warned, it will ruin you for anything less, and you might swoon over your next loaf of bread. 


I read somewhere that one of the best ways to trim your budget and your waistline was to serve soup once a week. Now that my kids are able to eat soup without much difficulty, it’s a lot easier to have soup nights. (They liked it when they were smaller, it just meant somebody feeding them. Tricky.)

I thought today was a good day to make soup. So I tossed in the vegetables I had on hand (green beans, green pepper, onion, celery, carrots), some whole-grain rice, water, chicken bouillon cubes, curry powder, and a handful of black beans and red kidney beans. I thought I had a can of chicken lurking in the pantry, but discovered it was tuna, hence the beans.

Soup’s flexible. If you don’t have something, no problem. Leave it out. Substitute something else. It’ll still be soup. Set the crockpot and dinner’s taken care of.

If you’re looking to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy budget without skimping on nutrition, you might try a soup night.