Samhain end of summer partyyyyy!

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Just click on the forum button and go to “guest author excerpts” and “industry pro guests”. You must be a forum member to post and participate. Anybody not wishing to receive the newsletter, set newsletter preferences to “I don’t want to receive the newsletter”. After you join, log in and party!

I will be giving away a fabulous prize but to be announced Sept. 1, because, well, we’re in the middle of moving. So I’ll be in and out. :mrgreen:

Wolf In Shining cover!

The cover department has forgotten me, sob. I haven’t received my cover from them yet. But I snagged a copy of the image off the EC Coming Soon page and here it is! Sept. 20 doesn’t seem very far away, all of a sudden. Fall is sneaking up on me.

Wolf In Shining Armor

Walking wisdom

So the husband and I had some things to figure out on our hiking venture. We were both sort of at a point where it was time to think about what we wanted to do; I had a plot problem to figure out (and I did, heh) and he had some similar things to think out. There is nothing like walking to get ideas flowing and make things clear.

We really got into hiking because it was outdoor recreation we could do as a family. When Alex was smaller, she rode in a little backpack we took turns wearing. Now she’s in a bigger pack and Morgan rides in the smaller pack. But it keeps the small people calm and occupied, looking around at the scenery (or napping, lulled by proximity to parents and the soothing, steady motion) and gives us time to talk. To think. We always come back recharged and full of new ideas and this time we came back with all sorts of new.

Walking, it’s good for so much more than your heartrate and waistline. And yes, I did write down my plot brainstorm immediately. I didn’t want to forget that sucker.


I didn’t post yesterday because we took off to hike in the Olympic National Park. It’s wonderful. I had the cold from hell and couldn’t breathe when we left, and this entire area is like miles of cool mist vaporizer. Temperate rain forest, balm to lungs. Yesterday we hoofed it along the Bogachiel river and the sprout tried her hand at skipping rocks. This morning we did the La Push third beach trail through the woods down to the beach. Pretty easy trail, but a bit tricky at the end getting down to the beach and then back up. Alex got out of her backpack and walked the last mile back, Morgan slept and drooled on her dad’s neck the whole way.
There will be pictures to come. Hope everybody’s having a great Friday. 🙂